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Ladies & Gentleman Marilyn Sings!

Marilyn's stage presence, confidence and time honored soulful voice hearkens back to that ol' diva style. It's as if the internationally renowned and much loved American jazz and blues singers passed the torch to her in gratitude for keeping the jazz flame alive. She's the real deal.

“At the heart of it all is Marilyn, moving in the humanity of its sound, commanding in cadence of her phrasing. She makes each song a story worth hearing over and over.”
– Russ Musto, NYC

Her Story

Marilyn, child of the Bronx and daughter of comedian Bernie Allen, started her singing career in schoolyard cappella groups. As a teenager, she toured the U.S. with various rock, pop and soul bands and it was on this journey that she found JAZZ.

With her sassy, sultry and sometimes rather bawdy style, she quickly became an admired vocalist in the Greenwich Village venues, such as Seventh Avenue South (The Brecker Brothers Hip Club), 55 Grand St. (a mecca for musicians ), Sweet Basil (Rhythm), the Blue Note, Smalls and Mezzrow. Her star list of accompanist, include Kenny Kirkland, Harry Whitaker, Larry Willis, John DiMartino, Ron Carter, Jaco Pastorius, Buster Williams, Alex Blake, Hiram Bullock, Saul Rubin, Cindy Blackman, Buddy Williams & Victor Lewis.


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